Base cuisine: throw-together meals

I encountered the term “throw-together meal” in a cookbook for working mothers, years ago. The concept is not new, just the term. It’s the kind of meal that’s served in summer, when no one wants to cook; or when everyone is in a hurry. It’s almost a picnic meal: pre-cooked meats, bread or crackers, prepared or single-ingredient salad.

Here are some examples.

Tuna or salmon salad, crackers, sweet peppers:

Tuna or salmon salad. hummus. crackers, cucumber:

plate of food, crackers, fish, hummus, sliced cucumber

Hummus, flatbread:

Cooked turkey, cranberry sauce, crackers, cucumber:


2 Responses to “Base cuisine: throw-together meals”

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    At one point Google had a beta of their “Google Fridge” app wherein you could type in the contents of your fridge and it would find the best on-line recipe for those ingredients. Who knows? Maybe the National Dish of Tasmania is lurking in your fridge right now!

  2. monado Says:

    Wow! “First, catch your rare, flightless parrot….”

    Still, it’s possible to eat well without actually cooking.

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