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EQ HD vs. National Geographic HD

Last night I decided to watch the free preview of EQ “ideas” high-definition television. I turned on “Christianity Decoded,”. It had some interesting historical points, starting as it did with the Great Schism between East and West when West decided to modify the Nicene Creed, thus, in the opinion of East, turning the Trinity into a Duo. It was entertaining when an Eastern Orthodox cleric said, straight-faced, that it was inconceivable that anyone could change the Nicene creed. And the churches were certainly lavish inside and impressive outside. But the narration was entirely too credulous, so I turned it off. Other shows on this “EQ channel” also sounded pretty religious.

Tonight I watched a show, “Against All Odds,” that tells the stories of people who have made unlikely escapes from danger. After describing the narrow escape, it comes back with, “This miraculous escape can only be explained by science” and proceeds to analyze the physics, medical condition, protective clothing, cool thinking, or happenstance that helped the person to escape. National Geographic Channel 🙂


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  1. Don Hutton Says:

    My favourite “Great Escape” story is one that I just read in my grandfather’s Victorian “Notable Shipwrecks” book. A bunch of shipwreck survivors had roped themselves together around a spike of rock some distance from the sheer cliffs of the mainland. There was a very high surf but some of the better swimmers made for the cliffs to try and climb them to get help. The people on the spike watched with great interest as one of them, on his third failed attempt to get more than half-way up without falling off, despaired of ever making it and jumped off to end it all. A really big wave was coming up under him as he did this and it deposited him on top of the cliff next to some now soaked locals.

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