Entrepreneurial jobs for hard times

Here are a few things that people can do, if they have the background expertise:

  • Consider being a personal jewellery consultant and doing custom pieces in people’s favourite colours… should be worth more than just making up nice things on spec — doing them “on commission.” You could advertise, if you can’t go to them, get people to come to your place (white-draped studio front room) with an armful of outfits to consult on what they’d like, then make them up. Super personalization: jewellery for their particular outfits. Could be the same earrings & pendants but now worth twice as much, maybe three times.
  • Another income stream which would combine well with personalized jewellery would be Color Season consulting. It would take just a copy of “Color Me Beautiful” for deciding who is what type and some color swatches. It should be fairly easy to set up, especially if you can get a consultant’s kit. Again, make them come to you.
  • Nutrition consultant? People come to you weekly or monthly, you weigh them, help them to develop a meal plan based on the Canada Food Rules and a realistic description of serving sizes, give them a printed spreadsheet goal/tracking booklet for the week, and charge $30 per 15-minute visit ($60 per initial half-hour consultation).
  • Personal organizer (consultant! Let them do the lifting and carrying). Help people to edit their wardrobes and slag heaps, charge $50 per hour for the advice/coaching/follow-up. Give them goals and a two-week time limit, come back and help them set the next goal. Or if you’re hale enough, pitch in and help them conquer one part of the mess. The visit fee pays for your taxi to & from.
  • Go to restaurants and offer to re-do their menus, sans spelling errors, for $100 – $200 bucks, depending on the size. Add clip art, maybe your own photos re-sized (not just squished), and a couple of quotations about the wonderfulness food. Provide camera-ready copy or, for another $50 – $100, e-mail to KwikCopy type services to supply them with freshly printed menus. Or the coffee shop’s “All about Coffee” newsletter

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