New breed of cat?

Every once in a while you come across a cat of a different colour, such as this one:

Photoshop(tm) or food colouring?

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4 Responses to “New breed of cat?”

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    It’s Pikachu! So technically it’s not a cat at all but a Pokemon.

  2. monado Says:

    I’m just wondering how it’s done! I think they darkened the eyes in post-processing.

  3. Beccaboo Says:

    omg is that cat really that color or did they die the fur nd stuff to make it look lik that?

  4. monado Says:

    I think it’s done with food colouring or hair dye, partly because it seems to be in a hair salon, but someone might have just photographed a white kitten and then used PhotoShop™ to put the colours on.

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