First rat of the season

One of the cats brought in the first dead baby rat of the year. It was already cold, but he still wanted to play with it, dropping it onto the kitchen scatter rug and then wrestling with the rug. I tucked it under the rug for him, so he could fish it out. I heard some crunching sounds shortly afterwards, so I don’t think I have to worry about finding a rat corpse.

Our old cat used to drop mice into the SO’s shoes so he could have the fun of fishing them out again. Occasionally he would forget about one and wander off…

Our previous cat

As the spring and summer progress, the rats get larger until the cats are dispatching full-sized ones. These are black rats or “roof rats,” not the march larger brown or Norway rat.

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One Response to “First rat of the season”

  1. Doug Says:

    That would be something of an incentive for checking one’s shoes before putting them on.

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