Wild weather

LotStreetWiz warned me that there’s a tornado warning in Ontario. Actually, there’s a warning upwind of us (where the weather comes from) and a thunderstorm warning where I live. I got all the cats in by waving treats. Now I’m going out to tidy away loose objects that might be blown over or away. Not that I expect a tornado here but we will get wind gusts and we could get downbursts of wind later.

I lit a big fat candle in case the power goes out again.

Later: loose items like lawn chairs are stowed. One of the cats went out again.

We don’t have a tornado warning but now we have a tornado watch (the next level down) and a thunderstorm watch. We’re starting to get thunder, lightning, and rain. The reports from the west talk about golfball-sized and gumball-sized hail. Oh, and my basement still has a puddle from the last storm, the one where we lost power for over four hours.


2 Responses to “Wild weather”

  1. Doug Says:

    So now you have a soggy cat?

  2. monado Says:

    Damp cats. Cats with wet feet, than which nothing is friendlier than.

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