Stove vs. fire alarm

I am cooking meat. I bought chops and roasts on sale Now cooking them to slice, freeze, eat. As soon as I had them in the oven, the fire alarm went off. There’s something wrong with a loud, annoying alarm that is so sensitive it goes off whenever you cook something.

I cancelled the alarm and opened the doors, so the furnace started. I turned down the furnace and opened the kitchen window. I hope that provides the right balance of fresh air and cooking vapours for our sensitive alarm and my delicate hot-house skin.

I am also trying something new: putting a bed of sliced potatoes under the meat to catch drippings, prevent boiling fats from splashing around and, I hope, producing a few servings of delicious potato. AND I’m cooking the pork bones into soup stock.

Finished: three pairs of pork chops with potatoes, labelled and in the freezer; enough roast beef for seven sandwiches sliced, weighed, packaged, labelled and six of them frozen plus four servings of potatoes in beef gravy, three of them frozen. I had pork chops and potatoes for supper and I just turned off the stock to let it cool. I usually go from one week to the next without red meat or much meat at all so this will be a treat.


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