Happiness is…

Happiness is learning new ways to cook. When I was growing up, my mum’s dinner plan was a chunk of meat fried into dry leather, boiled peeled potatoes, and two canned veg or, once a week, spaghetti & meatballs with home-canned sauce. Marrow, a watery summer squash, was cooked an hour in true British style. Gradually she added Hungarian goulash; pork chops on scalloped potatoes; beef cooked in tomatoes; Swedish-style pork balls and cooked celery; home-made chicken soup; Chinese-style beef, beans, and rice; and many more fresh veg as the stores began to carry them. Around the time I left for university, she began making stir-fries with a small amount of meat and a lot of fresh vegetables. I’m so proud of her!

Update: I went looking for the Chinese-style recipe on the internet. It’s called Ow Yuk Sung. I found out that Yuk Sung is minced cooked pork on lettuce leaves. I also found a Korean version using oyster sauce & hoisin sauce and served over rice. Here’s a similar recipe using both mushrooms and pork, called Chow Yook Sung. Ours is quite juicy so we line a bowl with rice and serve it in that.


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