To quarry or not to quarry

Dufferin County has a lot of prime farmland sitting on a lot of prime limestone. Should a large quarry be developed there?

The limestone is a good, hard sort that makes up the backbone of the Niagara Escarpment. It runs under cool soil good for growing potatoes, but it’s not as environmentally sensitive as wetlands or the Escarpment itself. And Ontario uses a lot of limestone every year, mostly for roads. The potential developers, however, lied about their intentions when purchasing land in the area.


One Response to “To quarry or not to quarry”

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    There is plenty of gravel and limestone in places with virtually no environmental sensitivity but we’ve never bothered to build a railway system in Ontario so it would all have to go to the building sites by truck. They eventually banned long-distance hauling after a few hundred deaths from the fleets of poorly maintained gravel trucks: not to mention the dust storms around them.

    So the Dufferin pit is only being proposed to let the government off the hook for decades of doing nothing about transportation in Ontario.

    If it’s put in it will drop the watertable in that area by metres and that’s pretty much the end of any activity in that area except the pit. Which will be either played out in short order or just closed down when the condo bubble, and hence the need for gravel, bursts. Then the whole county will only be good for filming Dr. Who episodes.

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