Time to buy some yarn!

About twelve rolls of yarn in a circle on a circular rug, with a knitting loom and knitting needles in the center

This could be the start of something big

I have decided to do some knitting, especially with knitting frames, so went to a craft store, Michaels, and bought several different yarns. They’re all Acrylic, the cheap stuff, which is suitable for a beginner. I got a red holiday yarn, a soft green and brown, a soft shades of purple, purple & black eyelash yarn, a multicoloured pastel, a self-striping green & red,, purple eyelash yarn, self-striping black & brown, and self-striping black & magenta. In addition, I bought a set of knitting looms, a book of easy patterns, a book of sock patterns, and a large pair of knitting needles.


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