Cat looking out the window

Cat in a window

Contemplating the outdoors

One of our cats is looking out the window, watching the world go by.

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Sparrows and nuthatches

One of the things I like about our townhouse is that it has more different kinds of birds than our old house. I hung a bird feeder and the birds have finally discovered it. Today there was a large flock of sparrows, a rustling carpet of them with certain brave souls staking out the feeder itself. When the sparrows flew away, a couple of nuthatches would swoop in, take one seed, and swoop away again.


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Two cats

Our grey cats were sleeping together on the bed.



We’re visiting my son. Here he is with one of his four cats.


Dinosaurs and their ancestors at the ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum is hosting an exhibition of dinosaurs and their forbears.

A lightweight, bipedal dinosaur skeleton is poised in a running posture

Herrerasaurus is near the basal theropods

Stag and doe

This is one of my favourite prints: two dappled deer. It seems to me that the artist used all the colours of a tabby cat.

A stag stands by while a doe rets on the ground. Both are dappled with white

Koson — Stag and Recumbent Doe

The lost pigeon

Several years ago, a white pigeon showed up and tried to eat from my wild-bird feeder, which was too small for it. Then a couple of days later I found its body in the lane. At that point it had been run over a few times and I thought it was a seagull. I picked it up to dispose of it and found that it had bands on its legs. So I called someone, maybe the humane society, so they could get the migration information. They took a look at it and told me it had been someone’s homing pigeon that got lost.

They also said I should have called the Racing Pigeon society, whatever it’s called, and reported it, so someone would have come to coax it back into captivity. The bands would identify its owner. If it ever happens again, I will.

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