Swimming etc.

Swam about 1200 metres. Appointment. Adobe Acrobat course. Grocery shopping. Supper.

… Must… go… to… bed….


New office

I’ve started my new office. It seems as if the work will be an interesting challenge, and the team and management support is great!

my office space at TorStar

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New contract

Enough piecework! Tomorrow I’m starting a short, but full-time contract.

office building

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STC planning meeting

logo, Society for Technical Communication, STCI’m off to a meeting of the Toronto Society for Technical Communication executive council, to help plan the meetings or “events” for the coming year.

Second contract interview

On Thursday I had a second interview with a prospective client, this time with a line manager rather than the Human Resources department. I think that things went well and I’m hoping to get the contract. Also they don’t mind my taking a planned vacation during the contract.

Hospital visit

After my interview, editing test, and writing test (all of which I survived), I walked up to the hospital to visit my friend. I brought in a science-fiction magazine.

She was worrying again about how she’d manage when she went home and how soon that would be, and her friends promised they would look into what needs doing to get her apartment ship-shape. She says we’ll have to get rid of the old new bed and send it back to the store, buy a new bed and set it up, get rid of the couch, buy a new couch (long enough for her to lie down on and not too low), get rid of the cats because they pee on the bed (although they don’t any more now that someone is cleaning the cat box every day), get rid of all the kinds of food she can’t eat during recovery, and lay in more supplies of foods she can eat. And some medical supplies. And make room in the bathroom for her medical supplies. And wash her winter clothes. And move her work briefcase and personal tote so that they won’t get buried. And unpack her suitcase from her last trip. And make sure she has room to move about with a walker. And move the bookcases so they’re not blocking the heaters any more. And get rid of her four-drawer filing cabinet. And move her two 2-drawer filing cabinets. And haul out her heavy Muskoka chairs. But we can keep the beat-up old armchair–it’s for guests. I took notes.

She did some exercises for basic mobility and walked around the hospital floor. She continues to improve but each change of accommodation is another source of worry. I was there for two hours.

When I went home I had so much to do and was so tired that I skipped the STC meeting.

I’m supposed to get up for a 7:00 a.m. swimming lesson tomorrow. I might have a second interview this week.

Contract interview

Today I’m going to an interview with a prospective client who needs editing help and Microsoft Word mentoring.