Aftermath of the ice storm

Well, we have our power back. The recent ice storm damaged thousands of trees.

A large tree shows broken branches against a blue sky

It also brought down more than a few.

A fallen tree crushes a park sign


Gel candle kit

When the ice storm was approaching, I didn’t know where my gel candle kits were. Of course, they turned up a couple of days later. Perhaps it’s just as well: they stink of kerosene. But it’s easy to make them.

First, straighten out a wick and centre it in a small, upright container.
gel candle kit

Carefully squirt gel into the container.
making a gel candle

Light your transparent candle.
lighting a gel candle

Ice shine

When the sun came out on the 23rd, it was really pretty.

The ice glittered against a blue sky.
Sunlight sparkles on ice coating tree branches against a blue sky

Outdoor structures were coated with ice.
ice coats the diamond-shaped lattice of a chain-link fence

The freezing rain dripped off to form icicles.
twigs are heavily coated with ice and short icicles hang from them

The ice bowed down bushes and plants as well as trees.
ice coats the branches of a bush hanging over a sidewalk

Here’s a close-up of how the ice built up on small twigs.
Twigs and stems are coated with ice from an ice storm

Even leaves added to the burden of ice.
two leaves and their twig are coated with ice

After the ice storm

We didn’t get 2.5 cm of ice but in some places probably 1 cm. Of course, it was pretty.
twigs and branches of a tree coated in ice

Our local pine trees didn’t break, but the ice weighed down their branches.

pine trees with branches frosted by ice and bending down

Ice storm lighting

Our emergency power is candles when it comes to keeping warm. Last night, I lit about twenty of them in safe places, to keep part of the house above freezing. I had one person ask if I still had electricity, because of the lovely glow from our windows.

These are the ones on my nightstand.

two fat white candles glow on a nightstand

This is the array in the living room.

A row of candles on top of a cupboard shine in the darkness

The power came on again after a little more than 24 hours.

Ice storm coming!

The weather services have issued warning of an ice storm, with ice perhaps as thick as 2.5 cm. We could lose power for a few days, if that happens. I dashed out to buy a few last things, and caught this picture of the ice so far. Pretty, isn’t it?


Happy New Year, global warming edition!

We had November like the Septembers used to be, December like the Octobers we used to have, a green Christmas, and now pouring rain for New Year’s Day. This is not the climate I grew up with and I’ve moved north! It should be cooler here.

Happy New Year, people!