Alternate forms of transport

Someone is commuting to work by bicycle.

A man in a purple shirt is riding a bicycle with panniers



Swim, bike run.


This is our first granddaughter competing in a triathlon.


Our granddaughter completed a sprint triathlon.



Contra dancing

We went to a  contra dance in Toronto. We walk through the dance beforehand, then try it. There’s always live music and a caller for the steps.

Contra dance is for everybody

Contra dance is for everybody


Our swim

I found a picture, from last year, of our destination islet. As you can see, it’s not quite a Bum’s Rest, but not really big enough for a picnic.

Our big swim

The granddaughter and I had a good swim on our vacation, a  900-metre round trip to a tiny island. The surface water was warm and the deeper water was refreshing.

I mapped our route to get the distance. We figured about 450 metres, and it seems we were right!

Satellite map of Eagle Lake, Ontario, showing out-and-back swim route from the beach at the narrows  to a speck on the map

Our swim at Eagle Lake Narrows

Unlike our swim a couple of years ago to the palm-tree island in Nottawasaga Bay, this one was not cold enough for wetsuits. Here’s the map for our 2009 swim in Blue Mountain, which was about 550 m each way and not quite straight.

satellite map of Lake Huron shore and small island, with there-and-back swimming route marked

Swim meet

Today we drove to Hamilton and watched a high-school swim meet. It’s the last one before the Golden Horseshoe regionals.