Pilates, 2010 April 3

We went to Pilates this morning, for a fairly tough workout that included several repetitions of the manoeuvre on the left.

See Coyne Pilates in Toronto.

Pilates, March 25

pilates-pelvic-tilt-smWe had a tough lesson last night at Coyne Pilates. (LotStreetWiz wisely declined to go.) We did a lot of sit-ups: rolling up and down, pausing half-way, and turning from side to side. My abs are sore today. I’d call that a good lesson.

Pilates, 2010 March 20

I had another Pilates lesson today; this one was fairly gentle, with a lot of arm and neck movements. The studio is very nice, with a view over a wooded valley. At one moment, a red-tailed hawk flew past the window.

Pilates, May 27

We had Pilates lessons again. I’m pleased that our group has finally moved up to the Intermediate level. We had a nice, relaxing lesson at Coyne Pilates.

Pilates, May 13

pilates-bridge-medIt’s the start of a new session of Pilates lessons. I’m pleased that our group has finally moved up to the Intermediate level. Our instructor, Jennifer Coyne of Coyne Pilates, gave us a good lesson and threw in some of the dreaded one-leg bridges.

Pilates for two – end of session

LotStreetWiz was in Vancouver again this week, but his plane got in earlier and so we went to our Pilates class. This is the end of a set of twelve. Next week is the start of another set. This class has been exercising together for some time and so our instructor, Jennifer Coyne of Coyne Pilates, is able to demand a little more and see very good progress.

Swimming, Pilates

Today Andie is with her dad, so I was able to get up early and rocket out for my 7:00 a.m. swim class, given by Oannes Swims at the John Innes Community Centre, home of the Devilfish swim team.

Then, in the evening I went to Pilates class at the new location. We’re overlooking a park from several stories up! I can do my exercises while looking at the sky.

After that I picked up Andie for the remainder of her visit. She had gone shopping and bought a couple of small presents for her half-sister.