Things I learn on the subway (first in a continuing series)

“Freeze your fat away.” Really?


New glasses

I picked up new glasses and, on the recommendation of my eye doctor, prescription sunglasses as well.

A woman in a red jacket and sunglasses smiles at the camera

CBC puts Canada on a diet

CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., has launched a web site to help people get in shape: CBC’s

And there’s a new TV show about an entire village in British Columbia getting together to promote activity and healthy eating: Village on a Diet, which starts tonight. I hope that everyone can get it.

The upshot of the CBC’s investigations is that Canadians are heavier and softer than they think. But I’m in shape! (Round is a shape, isn’t it?)

Drowning is a quiet affair

This explains why life guards ask me if I’m OK when I’m floating around the pool, contemplating the whichness of why: “Drowning doesn’t look like drowning.”

Drowning is not the violent, splashing, call for help that most people expect…. Drowning is almost always a deceptively quiet event. The waving, splashing, and yelling that dramatic conditioning (television) prepares us to look for, is rarely seen in real life.

The Instinctive Drowning Response – so named by Francesco A. Pia, Ph.D.,  is what people do to avoid actual or perceived suffocation in the water. People can’t cry out or reach for a life-ring: they’re fully occupied pushing their hands down in the water and breathing. They don’t even kick. And you have only tens of seconds to get to them.

Sign your donor cards

logo for trillium Gift of Life Network, green ribbon with white flowerI found my donor card! If you’ve ever had a friend or relative waiting for the organ transplant that could save their life, I hope you think of them and make your organs available when you no longer need them. Keep the donor card with your driver’s licence.

If you can’t find your card, you can register through the Trillium Gift of Life Network (Réseau Trillium pour le don de vie). In the Resources section, you can find the donor form.

Healthcare note: In Canada, organ transplants are free.

I wonder if the publicity last year for a young mother waiting for a heart-lung transplant encouraged more people to register. Year to date,  current page.

Pilates, 2010 April 3

We went to Pilates this morning, for a fairly tough workout that included several repetitions of the manoeuvre on the left.

See Coyne Pilates in Toronto.

Pilates, March 25

pilates-pelvic-tilt-smWe had a tough lesson last night at Coyne Pilates. (LotStreetWiz wisely declined to go.) We did a lot of sit-ups: rolling up and down, pausing half-way, and turning from side to side. My abs are sore today. I’d call that a good lesson.