Things I learn on the subway (first in a continuing series)

“Freeze your fat away.” Really?


Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town: The Census

Germany has discovered that it has fewer people than estimated, because people forget to notify the government when they move away.

That inevitably reminded me of Stephen Leacock’s explanation of population fluctuations in the little town of Mariposa:

In point of population, if one must come down to figures, the Canadian census puts the numbers every time at something round five thousand. But it is very generally understood in Mariposa that the census is largely the outcome of malicious jealousy. It is usual that after the census the editor of the Mariposa Newspacket makes a careful reestimate (based on the data of relative non-payment of subscriptions), and brings the population up to 6,000. After that the Mariposa Times-Herald makes an estimate that runs the figures up to 6,500. Then Mr. Gingham, the undertaker, who collects the vital statistics for the provincial government, makes an estimate from the number of what he calls the “demised” as compared with the less interesting persons who are still alive, and brings the population to 7,000. After that somebody else works it out that it’s 7,500; then the man behind the bar of the Mariposa House offers to bet the whole room that there are 9,000 people in Mariposa. That settles it, and the population is well on the way to 10,000, when down swoops the federal census taker on his next round and the town has to begin all over again.

Circuit diagram

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Today’s entertainment comes courtesy of xkcd comics.

Cartoonless cat cartoons

Here’s a novel concept: the Cat Cartoon without the Cartoon.

Dec. 26:

Santa appears to be at the North Pole, sleigh piled with gifts, elves standing in the background looking on. The jolly old elf is holding the reins, looking on at his team of coursers who, this time, are cats.

The cats are in all manner of poses: sleeping, sitting, fighting, and just ignoring their own situation.

The title to the cartoon is: Christmas was a little late this year.

The Rubaiyat of a Persian Kitten

For your amusement: The Rubaiyat of a Persian Kitten.

And that Inverted Bowl of Skyblue Delf
That helpless lies upon the Pantry Shelf—
Lift not your eyes to It for help, for It
Is quite as empty as you are yourself.

Original quatrain:
And that inverted Bowl they call the Sky,
Whereunder crawling coop’d we live and die,
Lift not your hand to It for help—for It
Rolls on impotently as you or I.

Motel sign

I read this as “New rooms with kittens.” What a pleasant option!

A motel sign offers "New Rms with Kitns"

New Rooms with Kittens

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Something for Hallowe’en

A video camera enables you to make this “gaping hole” costume.