Cleaning the bettas

It has been hot and bright. the blue betta’s tank was afrond with algae and Java moss. I put the fish and his plants aside, then took everything apart and cleaned it, washed the gravel, scrubbed the tank, and so on. I put it back together with half the old water and half new, conditioned water. For the red betta, I cleaned with a siphon and replaced half the water. They both look good. The red betta’s tank was cleaner, perhaps because he has a large snail as a companion to clean up uneaten food.

Here they are all shiny and clean.

a red betta and a blue betta swim in small rectangular aquaria

Two bettas in their tanks



Cat wants a fish!

Fog hasn’t figured out how to get into the aquarium, but he’s trying.

A grey cat stretches out a paw towards a red Siamese fighting fish

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More baby fish

One of the blue guppies is having babies. She’s in the maternity hutch to protect them from her.

a female guppy and babies, separated by clear plastic barriers

I call them the blue guppies because they have blue tails.

three small fish, guppies, with blue tails

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Neon tetras

I bought a few neon tetras for the 10-gallon aquarium.

An aqarium with delicate plants where two small fish have bright blue lines down their sides

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Guppy ID drawings

With thirteen male guppies I needed to sharpen my appreciation for their differences so that I could tell them apart. These are the rough drawings that I came up with.

Ooutlines of thirteen fish with spots and shading coloured in

The females are not as colourful, but I made diagrams of them, too.

rough outlines of six fish with markings coloured in

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Swapping the decorative wood pieces

I had an idea and exchanged the pieces of wood in the 10-gallon and 30-gallon tanks.

The big piece fits fine in the undivided 30-gallon tank.

a large aquarium with white gravel, a dark piece of decorative wood, and large plants

The little piece fits into the centre section of the 10-gallon tank.

A divided aquarium with a piece of driftwood in the centre. It has light brown gravel and delicate plants

I wouldn’t bother with them at all except that they serve to soften our rather hard water.

Dividing the aquarium

I bought some flexible aquarium barriers and divided the 10-gallon aquarium into three volumes that can each get the benefit of its filter and heater. One is for baby fish, one for the red & black guppies, and one for the blue guppies. I had to tilt the dragon-shaped piece of wood up on one end.

An aquarium with prominent blue dividers between three unequal sections