Cat wants a fish

I have two grey cats. The more impulsive one wants to know what these “fish” things are. That’s why I have covers on their tanks!

A red fish and a blue fish in separate jars are watched by a grey cat



The cat in the high castle

My cat has recovered his sense of balance after his illness, enough that he jumps up to the top of the wall unit from a nearby low wall.

A cat perches on top of a bookshelf. He sits next to a decorative basket.

Errands, starring cat neurological checkup

The plan was to be out the door by 2:15 p.m. since the cat’s appointment was at 3:30 and the trip can easily take an hour. I got out at 2:16, to the veterinary hospital by 3:00. I spent time reading my book and admiring the transfusion cats in their glassed-in enclosure & looking at the book about the first cats to live in it. Two cats had served their three years and were up for adoption. They are the tabby on the left and the intriguing fellow in the toy-basket.


I didn’t see Veterinary Neurologist until about 3:45 because of an emergency patient, then had to wait for the cat’s meds to be made up, pay, and set the next appointment.

It was rush hour, so even going on to a smaller city, the drive took until about 6 p.m.. No one was home, so I put the things I was delivering on the back porch. I had felt far too spaced-out by the end of the drive, as though highway hypnosis were setting in, so I moved van to a nearby parking lot. I let the cat out of his box and offered him water and a litter-box (sans litter). Then I curled up under a blanket and rested with eyes closed for about an hour. I may have slept.

When I felt alert, I got underway with puss settled on the back seat. I bought gasoline and got a cheeseburger to share with the cat, then drove back to Toronto. I left the highway one stop early and bought coffee beans at our local Starbucks. The cat uttered one meow as we got near our street. Do you think they smell it? Home! I encouraged the cat back into the box and unloaded everything. At first, I couldn’t find my phone but it turned out that the cat had been lying on it since my rest. Finally, we were back in house at 9 p.m.. That was quite a long errand! The cat got a celebratory meal of canned food and I got onto the computer.

Cat tree

This must be the cutest cat tree ever, with fish for steps.

A structure of post and carpeted steops has the steps in the shape of fishes


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Cute kitten

What else is there to say? Interpretive sleeping, junior division.

Cartoonless cat cartoons

Here’s a novel concept: the Cat Cartoon without the Cartoon.

Dec. 26:

Santa appears to be at the North Pole, sleigh piled with gifts, elves standing in the background looking on. The jolly old elf is holding the reins, looking on at his team of coursers who, this time, are cats.

The cats are in all manner of poses: sleeping, sitting, fighting, and just ignoring their own situation.

The title to the cartoon is: Christmas was a little late this year.

The Rubaiyat of a Persian Kitten

For your amusement: The Rubaiyat of a Persian Kitten.

And that Inverted Bowl of Skyblue Delf
That helpless lies upon the Pantry Shelf—
Lift not your eyes to It for help, for It
Is quite as empty as you are yourself.

Original quatrain:
And that inverted Bowl they call the Sky,
Whereunder crawling coop’d we live and die,
Lift not your hand to It for help—for It
Rolls on impotently as you or I.