Controversial ‘Mother Canada’ statue plan dividing Canadians

Do we really need a 24m statue on this beautifully wild coast?

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: The 24-metre high statue to be erected on the rocks of a section of the Cabot trail at Green Cove. The statue is meant to memorialize Canadian soldiers who didn’t return from war, but its opponents don’t believe it should be erected in a national park. Ross Lord reports.

GREEN COVE, N.S. – The turbulent ocean waters crashing against the ancient rocks at Green Cove, Cape Breton, couldn’t be more symbolic.

Plans to erect a 24-metre behemoth of a statue, known as Mother Canada, atop the rocks – have stirred up an undercurrent of opposition.

Opponents say the development, planned by a group called the Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation, is a threat to the cove’s natural beauty, as a granite headland on the famous Cabot Trail.

It’s also in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, which they say needs to be protected from artificial intrusions.

“It does…

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No trip to Woodbridge is truly complete without a visit to The Big Cannoli for the best of creamy Sicilian cannoli. We can’t have them too often, though: one cannolo probably contains about 700 calories.

A small table in a restaurant holds two cups of coffee and two cannoli (desserts)


collageWith a pool practically on our doorstep,  I  have managed to get out several times and even do a little lane swimming.

Baby hat!

I finished the baby hat. I wanted to get it done before we visited the new baby.

A small knitted hat, white, yellow, and peach colours

Here it is, modelled on a grapefruit.

A small knitted hat in white and peach, perched on a grapefruit as though on a head

First hat

I’ve finished the big rectangle and sewn it together to make a simple, but serviceable, hat.

A knitted hat, pyramidal, with a deep brim.


Toronto, Ontario

I took a walk near downtown Toronto. It also has many interesting old buildings.

An old brick building has many windows and arches over windows on the lower floor

Front Street or The Esplanade in Toronto

One of the sights is a trompe l’oeil painting on the back of the Flatiron Building.

A brick building has been painted so that it appears to have windows.

Flatiron Building