No “Mother Canada” statue in a national park

Parks Canada has announced that there won’t be a 24-m statue in the park at Ingonish, Nova Scotia.


Grand gay wedding

Two men in vests ad hats are standing before a table with a sign,

Two spouses-to-be wait their turn to marry each other.


During World Pride Week, 110 same-sex couples celebrated their weddings at Casa Loma, one of Toronto’s more picturesque spots. People came from distant countries to marry. The Grand Pride wedding is the largest of its kind in North America.

It’s going to be cold tonight!

The cold arctic air has settled down over us again: Saturdays highs and lows.


Canada Day

This house is displaying the flag for Canada Day.

 white house showing the red & white flag of Canada

House in The Annex

Royal Ontario Museum

Some friends came from out of town and we all went to the museum.

A greenish metal tree in a museum

The Tree of Life

The Chinese ceramics were superb.

a large, smooth, round vase of beige pottery




Cofounder of Bick’s Pickles dies

two farmers, one male, one female, standing together

Walter and Jeanny Bick

Story here: Walter Bick was a Jewish coat-maker at a time when Canada wanted Christian farmers. Sadly, there was once a time when, even with Hitler rattling sabres and spewing anti-Semitism, Canada could get away with denying entrance to Jews because of their religion.

Walter Bick’s only ticket into Canada was as a Christian farmer.

A lifelong pragmatist, he didn’t let the minor details — his Jewish faith, his occupation in the woman’s coat industry — get him down.

So in 1939, the Bick family — Walter, Thomas and their parents — left an increasingly hostile Europe behind, posing as a family of farmers who believed in the New Testament.

Before they left Amsterdam, they purchased the farm. While other faux-farming Jewish families sold the farms upon arrival, the Bicks made good on the lie, learning to farm and eventually creating a pickle empire.

They ended up farming in Scarborough, Ontario, which I guess is why the Bick’s Pickle factory is still there on Progress Road.

He also helped found the Jewish Vocational Services, an organization that helped Jewish people find jobs, which, he later remarked, was a lot harder than selling pickles.

CBC puts Canada on a diet

CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., has launched a web site to help people get in shape: CBC’s

And there’s a new TV show about an entire village in British Columbia getting together to promote activity and healthy eating: Village on a Diet, which starts tonight. I hope that everyone can get it.

The upshot of the CBC’s investigations is that Canadians are heavier and softer than they think. But I’m in shape! (Round is a shape, isn’t it?)