I’m back

I finished my contract, early as promised, since the whole project had dragged on into a second contract.

Then I took some recovery time.

Now I’m spring cleaning.

Still no time to try on the wetsuit

I’m helping to create training materials, taking the courses on the software, and supposedly giving a lesson on clear writing with a purpose for our new tech support people. If I have time to organize my thoughts.

My contract has been extended

my office space at TorStar

My initial contract was for six weeks, ending August 8. It’s now been doubled to September 19. Our team is creating a wiki and writing training materials for a technical support group with many varied applications to support.

New office

I’ve started my new office. It seems as if the work will be an interesting challenge, and the team and management support is great!

my office space at TorStar

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New contract

Enough piecework! Tomorrow I’m starting a short, but full-time contract.

office building

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Getting Things Done, the roadmap

We’re attending the GTD Roadmap course:

The flagship of the GTD (Getting Things Done) seminar series, The RoadMap defines the game and helps you jump into it at a new and expanded level. This lively one-day workshop features David Allen live and in-person as he examines the core principles of productivity improvement, then provides you with a unique opportunity to develop your own specific and immediate action steps to implement them.

Participants can expect to leave the seminar with enhanced freedom and energy, knowing that their busy lives are indeed manageable, inspired to enjoy life and work at a new level of effectiveness.

Hours: 9 to 5.

STC planning meeting

logo, Society for Technical Communication, STCI’m off to a meeting of the Toronto Society for Technical Communication executive council, to help plan the meetings or “events” for the coming year.