Walking with Dinosaurs show

We travelled to Ottawa to see the Walking with Dinosaurs show. The costumes and mechanical dinosaurs were very impressive. I was hoping to see them up close but that was reserved for a lucky winner who tweeted the best picture of the show in a limited time.

There were man-sized dinosaur costumes. It was easy to ignore the extra legs.

A man in an elaborate dinosaur costume steps into a spotlight

Man-sized dinosaur

And there were mechanical dinosaurs on low-slung electric cars.

A realistic-looking Tyrannosaurus rex  is propelled by a low, flat, grey car

Large mechanical dinosaur

Finally, there were pterosaurs flying on wires.

A pterosaur flies over the arena under bluish light

Model pterosaur, life-sized

The pictures are blurry because of the low light levels and moving targets.



For the amusement of crowds, Niagara Falls has fireworks on summer weekends.


Axial tilt

Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season shows a tilted earth in red and green, showing Africa, and some holly leaves

Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season

We celebrate when the days start to grow longer. The Christian church co-opted pagan ceremonies of the Return of the Sun because people were going to celebrate then, anyway.

Look here for axial tilt cards for next Yule.

Halloween pumpkins


Cat pumpkins!

These are just small pie pumpkins that I bought at the grocery store.

Before the courts of law

I wish I believed this to be true: “all are equal before the law.”

A sculpture like a balance beam has a lion on one side and a lamb on the other, equal before the law

Before the Courts of Law

Breakfast for dinner–a new tradition

From Raising Hellions: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… or not if that’s your cup of tea…. Their oldest is trying to solve The Santa Mystery. And is fascinated by the solstice. Which is where the new tradition comes in.

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Happy Easter!

Short summary of the Easter story:

zombie Jesus, Christianity, satire