Baby blanket squares

I’ve started to make a baby blanket, but I don’t want to work with the full width; so I’m making nine squares to sew together. There will be four white squares and five of different shades of lavender. The squares are made with the classic “diagonal square” pattern used for facecloths and dishcloths.

knitting on the needle is a lavender square knitted on the diagonal

Classic knitted square


Quick baby hat

Using dapple-dyed baby-weight yarn, I’m knitting a quick hat for a baby. The basic piece is a rectangle sewn to give it shape.

A piece of knitting, rectangular, of white, yellow, and peach yarn


During Pride Week, Toronto’s gay village was all dressed up in its most brilliant colours.


Scarf in the colour of lichen

I made a scarf with these colours for a friend, and I liked it so much I’m making one for myself. It’s grey, green, and pink.

partly knitted scarf in grey, green, and pink

Quilt patterns

I’ve found some old patterns for quilt squares. they would certainly show a needleworker’s attention to detail.


Here are some more.

six different quilt patterns

Gel candle kit

When the ice storm was approaching, I didn’t know where my gel candle kits were. Of course, they turned up a couple of days later. Perhaps it’s just as well: they stink of kerosene. But it’s easy to make them.

First, straighten out a wick and centre it in a small, upright container.
gel candle kit

Carefully squirt gel into the container.
making a gel candle

Light your transparent candle.
lighting a gel candle

Mistress of all she surveys

One of our cats is checking out the neighbourhood from the vantage of our porch roof.

Early morning surveillance

Early morning surveillance


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