CSNY: Ohio

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young sang about the deaths of four students at Kent State University, May 4th 1970. They were shot by panicking National Guard soldiers during a student protest of the Vietnam War. Some of them had nothing to do with the protest and merely happened to be outdoors at the time. Bullets travel.


Live-blogging the Mumbai blasts

In Mumbai, Arun Shanbhag is taking photos and making notes; but he’s not releasing them until the police operation has moved on, in order not to give away their positions to terrorists.

More from Mumbai

There are lots of pictures and eye-witness notes from the blog of Arun Shanbhag in Mumbai: Mumbai Blasts: Taj Burning; More pics from terrorist killing.

Obama makes headlines


Barack Obama’s victory in the U.S. presidential election makes headlines around the world.

Now here’s a flower show!

Someone on BookCrossing found the annual Brussels carpet of flowers on Damn Cool Pics.

The carpet exists for one weekend only, in mid-August in the Market Square of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. It consists mostly of begonia plants placed directly on cobblestones (and presumably watered heavily every evening). Begonias are from the West Indies, but have been cultivated around Ghent area since 1860. The carpet is edged with turf and the flowers are packed together, 300 per square metre. The carpet uses about 700,000 flowers. After the pattern is drawn, it takes about 100 gardeners about four hours to assemble the carpet, which is 77 x 24 metres.

Road trip: Victoria’s Duathlon

Runners\' Wave 6 start at Victoria\'s Duathlon, May 2008

Some people were seriously underdressed.

biker at Victoria\'s Duathlon 2008LotStreetWiz signed up for Victoria’s Duathlon on observed Victoria Day. The duathlon takes place at the north edge of Waterloo. It comprises a 4-km run, a 24-km bike ride, and another 4-km run over hilly ground. It’s the start of the summer racing season in Ontario.

We got on our way at 7:45. The drive was just over an hour and a half in duration, but we were still early for registration. We got a good place to park, close to the building, whence where we could see the starting line of the race. The headquarters of the race was at a church beside a small river, with a pond out front. The pond was graced with floating, artificial alligator heads. I don’t know if they were supposed to keep birds away or small children out of the pond.

The weather was harsh: I spent a fair amount of time cheering the departing runners, the fast runners coming in, the bike racers taking off. There was a strong, cold, damp wind blowing the whole time, with spatters of rain. Then I wandered off and bought a hotdog from the one hardy vendor on site. Then I cheered in the slow bikers coming in, the slow runners going out, and the slow runners coming in. Meanwhile, the racers were running and biking into the wind and at times almost being blown off the course. We spectators even saw showers of small ice pellets a couple of times. I think that a lot of slower, recreational runners decided not to start. One tall runner came determined to have fun and ran dressed in a business suit, shirt, tie, dark glasses, and fedora to liven thing up.

runner, Victoria\'s Duathlon, 2008LotStretWiz made a valiant effort to go out hard and keep going hard. He made up 30 places over the course of the race, all of them in younger age-groups.

After the race, we didn’t wait for the prizes and draws. We got into the car, he had his pre-packed lunch and warmed up. Then what he wanted most of all was coffee, so we drove off to the nearest coffeee shop.

When we were warm, fed, and caffeinated, we drove to Hamilton and delivered a couple of small birthday presents. I tried my best to ignore the GPS navigation system, which told us to go onto Highway 401 and down Highway 6 to Burlington, then take a long, elevated bridge back to Hamilton. That would take us along two legs of a triangle, when we were ready to zoom down Highway 8, the hypoteneuse of the triangle, which took us straight to our destination.

Events on the Danforth

The Danforth Music Hall, an old movie house, hosts a wide variety of events. That’s where I heard Alice Walker on her last book tour. A couple of weeks ago, David Suzuki brought a science show about local pollinators. Today it’s MacBeth.

And it looks as if Laurie Anderson is coming to town. Could that be the same one who does wierd music like Love is a Virus? It is: