Ready for the baby

Our daughters have a room all ready for their baby.

A peaceful room with a lamp and an easy chair


Graduation ceremony

Our granddaughter graduates from secondary school.

A young woman, in graduation cap and gown,  smiles


We’re visiting my son. Here he is with one of his four cats.


A wedding

We travelled to Perth, Ontario, for the wedding of Jake and Jackie.

Men in suits and women in long dresses are lined up at the front of a church, on either side of a bride and groom

Their wedding cake was a marvel, with hundreds of tiny sugar flowers attached to the icing.

A tall, white wedding cake with several tiers

We wish Jake, Jackie, and their daughter Madelynn much happiness.

Dinner in Ottawa

Oh, yes, this must be dinner because who has French fries for brunch?

several happy women sit around a dinner table in a restaurant


Winter beard

Here’s my son with a winter beard.



Yesterday was City’s graduation ceremony from the University of Toronto’s Scarborough College.

A young woman receives congratulations and a diploma from a school administrator

The balloons seem to be in the College’s colours.