Cat wants a fish!

Fog hasn’t figured out how to get into the aquarium, but he’s trying.

A grey cat stretches out a paw towards a red Siamese fighting fish

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More baby fish

One of the blue guppies is having babies. She’s in the maternity hutch to protect them from her.

a female guppy and babies, separated by clear plastic barriers

I call them the blue guppies because they have blue tails.

three small fish, guppies, with blue tails

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Neon tetras

I bought a few neon tetras for the 10-gallon aquarium.

An aqarium with delicate plants where two small fish have bright blue lines down their sides

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Guppy ID drawings

With thirteen male guppies I needed to sharpen my appreciation for their differences so that I could tell them apart. These are the rough drawings that I came up with.

Ooutlines of thirteen fish with spots and shading coloured in

The females are not as colourful, but I made diagrams of them, too.

rough outlines of six fish with markings coloured in

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Dividing the aquarium

I bought some flexible aquarium barriers and divided the 10-gallon aquarium into three volumes that can each get the benefit of its filter and heater. One is for baby fish, one for the red & black guppies, and one for the blue guppies. I had to tilt the dragon-shaped piece of wood up on one end.

An aquarium with prominent blue dividers between three unequal sections

Fish are multiplying

A female guppy floats in the maternity hutch or breeding box, as it’s called. Her fry fall through the slots to the protected area below, where she can’t go. If she decides to eat one, she sucks it in in an instant. The fry practise darting away if they can.

A small fish floats in a clear plastic box separated into upper and lower areas by a V-shaped divider

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I tested the water in my aquaria, and it’s very hard, which is not good for the fish. My reading indicates that wood softens the water, so I bought a piece of decorative driftwood for the 10-gallon aquarium. It’s shaped vaguely like a dragon with a pointed snout.

A very dark piece of irregular driftwood

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