Garden planning

This is more or less what my gardening book says. Your reference date is the average or expected date of the last spring frost in your area.

Six to eight weeks before:
* spinach
* turnips

Four to six weeks before:
* broccoli seedlings 4″ or so high (next year, start seeds in Feb.) – need 18″ all around
* cabbage seedlings (start seeds in mid-Feb.) – need 18″ all around
* lettuce seedlings (continue setting out every couple of weeks or plant seeds)
* onions (sets, seedlings, or seed)
* leeks (sets, seedlings, or seed). Can sow seeds now in a patch, then transplant to trenched rows when 4″ high
* peas
* potatoes (if you want to bother; they take a lot of room)

In a small plot, I’d bother only with peas and spinach.  🙂

Two to four weeks before:
* beets carrots (more 3 weeks later for extended harvest)
* cauliflower seedlings (start seeds in late Feb. or early March) – need 18″ all around
* radishes (a short row every week for extended harvest)

Frost-free date (expected date of the last frost or the day after?) IF the soil is warm:
* bush beans (sow every 3 weeks for extended harvest)
* pole beans
* bush lima beans
* okra seedlings (plant seeds indoors 2 months earlier) 3′ apart

One week later:
* eggplant seedlings (start indoors 2 months earlier) 3′ apart
* summer squash and zucchine
* winter squash
* sweet corn
* celery seed in a small patch, to be transplanted into rows later
* tomato plants (start seeds indoors 8 weeks earlier)

Two weeks later:
* lima beans
* soybeans
* pepper plants (ground must be warm)
* cucumbers
* black-eyed peas

You can also plant cabbages, chinese cabbage, broccoli, etc. in early July for fall harvest.

Maybe too productive

Thursday and Friday I cleaned my bedroom. By the time I was finished, the furniture was polished, the books were reorganized, and old jewellery was diagnosed, packaged, and triaged by repair category.

Saturday we went for a pre-dawn hike in the Don Valley; then I started on my closet and removed clothes I won’t be wearing in the summer. I still need a few storage boxes for the winter clothes, extra blankets, and just a little too small, I still like it but it looks like camouflage, it’s OK but the skirt’s too long, and mending categories.

This morning at 4:15 we cancelled our walk because it’s raining and blowing out.

I think I’m avoiding my larger task of organizing papers.

Busy and productive

I’ve been very busy for the past few days, cleaning and sorting and organizing, recycling paper and discarding items. I’ve been too busy to check e-mail more than once a day, sometimes less, or surf the web; and I’ll be back at organizing tomorrow.

Sock bankruptcy

I’m going to declare sock bankruptcy: get rid of all my odd socks instead of waiting for the other ones to turn up. I realize this will lead to a rash of Other Socks turning up but to hell with it.

Next week: e-mail bankruptcy.

I’m back

I finished my contract, early as promised, since the whole project had dragged on into a second contract.

Then I took some recovery time.

Now I’m spring cleaning.

Busy times

The last two weeks have been busy at work, so I’m trying to catch up at home this weekend. The laundry is under control. We’ve had a nice supper and are watching a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

I can almost see the bottom of the laundry, catching up after a hold waiting for some plumbing work to be finished a few weeks ago.

Laundry tubs

broom-smYesterday I bought a new, lightweight laundry tub and tap set.

I also picked up a few things for ongoing projects, such as nails, curtain hangers, and shelf liner.

Today the plumber is coming to demolish the old, cement tubs and install the new one.

UPDATE: After looking at the area, the plumber arranged to come back Thursday ready to dig into the cellar floor and move a floor drain, too.