CBC puts Canada on a diet

CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., has launched a web site to help people get in shape: CBC’s LiveRightNow.ca

And there’s a new TV show about an entire village in British Columbia getting together to promote activity and healthy eating: Village on a Diet, which starts tonight. I hope that everyone can get it.

The upshot of the CBC’s investigations is that Canadians are heavier and softer than they think. But I’m in shape! (Round is a shape, isn’t it?)


Sign your donor cards

logo for trillium Gift of Life Network, green ribbon with white flowerI found my donor card! If you’ve ever had a friend or relative waiting for the organ transplant that could save their life, I hope you think of them and make your organs available when you no longer need them. Keep the donor card with your driver’s licence.

If you can’t find your card, you can register through the Trillium Gift of Life Network (Réseau Trillium pour le don de vie). In the Resources section, you can find the donor form.

Healthcare note: In Canada, organ transplants are free.

I wonder if the publicity last year for a young mother waiting for a heart-lung transplant encouraged more people to register. Year to date,  current page.

Pilates, 2010 March 20

I had another Pilates lesson today; this one was fairly gentle, with a lot of arm and neck movements. The studio is very nice, with a view over a wooded valley. At one moment, a red-tailed hawk flew past the window.

Pilates, etc.

I’m neglecting my blog. I’ve been busy with a contract. But I’ve also started doing Pilates twice a week, more or less. I’m nearly over the sore muscles of re-starting Pilates. I’ve finally set up a desk in a convenient location. I might get some indoor cycling workouts.

I’m slowly exploring a big bag of science-fiction magazines that a friend gave me. The weather continues alternately cold and fine, with hardly any snow cover. And I’m still here.

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Lungs for Natalia?

Natalia, who has cystic fibrosis, has been waiting for a double lung transplant since August. She had to go back on a ventilator last week and has been hanging on by her eyelashes, with dangerously high blood CO2 levels.

Her father and brother are each undergoing rigorous tests at the hospital and preparing to donate part of a lung tomorrow. I didn’t know if I could do that, nor do I know if I would be willing to.

But today, she got the call! A pair of lungs became available and they are now being evaluated to see if they will do.  If they will, the operation is at 3:00 p.m. today. Wish the family good luck and courage and the doctors skill and stamina.

Swimming progress

I’ve been taking lessons and practising. The results are apparent in a slow but steady climb in the distance I cover per session.

The training effect

Lately, I’ve made another breakthrough: my attempts to learn the whip kick for breast-stroke have finally gelled and I can put some power into it.

Swim practice, April 6


We are aiming for more distance now as triathlon season approaches. Today’s swim:

  • 100 yd. breast-stroke, 100 side-stroke, 100 freestyle = 300 yd.
  • 50 flutterkick with board x 6 = 300
  • 50 freestyle + 50 flutterkick, 50 flutterkick + 50 freestyle , 50 freestyle + 50 flutterkick = 300
  • 200 freestyle x 3 = 600

Total, 1500 yards or 1350 metres