Kitchen clean

It’s nice to leave the kitchen clean and ready for morning.

Looking one way:

A clean kitchen counter, with coffee maker and microwave oven

Looking the other way:

A clean sink, kitchen counter, and stove


The heart of the house

A clean kitchen table with two chairs. On the table is a small aquarium

Sometimes I think that the kitchen table is the heart of the house.

A clean kitchen table with a bowl of strawberries, a laptop computer, and a small aquarium


Gazebo candles

All I need now is a gazebo. I found some candle lanterns. Two merely needed cleaning; but the third was missing the plug at the bottom that lets you change candles and forms the floor of the lantern. I made one by cutting a juice-can lid smaller and giving it a new rim.
three tin and glass lanterns with tea light candles in them.

Winter pleasures

Warm pie and coffee go together.


Note the new stove in the background, thanks to the negotiating skills of my friend Libbye.

The cats like to visit, too.

A cat sits on a kitchen table, beside a bowl of fruit, and looks at the camera.



New windows

Our new windows were installed. One of them came with a new frame. It took about five hours, but the fellows did a really good job and made sure all the loose ends were tucked in.

New windows

We’re getting a couple of new, double-hung windows for the house. We’re replacing a poorly thought out casement window and a window with a broken latch.

That way, we can open the mew windows at both the top and the bottom. But the real beauty of double-hung windows is that we can clean both sides of them without hanging out the window.

Ex nihilo

funny pictures of cats with captions
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I don’t know about cats coming out of nowhere, but dust balls seem to.