Royal Ontario Museum

Some friends came from out of town and we all went to the museum.

A greenish metal tree in a museum

The Tree of Life

The Chinese ceramics were superb.

a large, smooth, round vase of beige pottery





Trip to Ottawa

We drove up to Ottawa for a visit. One of the pleasures is seeing the rugged rocks and trees on the way.

rugged, granitic rocks surmounted by conifers

To quarry or not to quarry

Dufferin County has a lot of prime farmland sitting on a lot of prime limestone. Should a large quarry be developed there?

The limestone is a good, hard sort that makes up the backbone of the Niagara Escarpment. It runs under cool soil good for growing potatoes, but it’s not as environmentally sensitive as wetlands or the Escarpment itself. And Ontario uses a lot of limestone every year, mostly for roads. The potential developers, however, lied about their intentions when purchasing land in the area.

Our swim

I found a picture, from last year, of our destination islet. As you can see, it’s not quite a Bum’s Rest, but not really big enough for a picnic.

Our big swim

The granddaughter and I had a good swim on our vacation, a  900-metre round trip to a tiny island. The surface water was warm and the deeper water was refreshing.

I mapped our route to get the distance. We figured about 450 metres, and it seems we were right!

Satellite map of Eagle Lake, Ontario, showing out-and-back swim route from the beach at the narrows  to a speck on the map

Our swim at Eagle Lake Narrows

Unlike our swim a couple of years ago to the palm-tree island in Nottawasaga Bay, this one was not cold enough for wetsuits. Here’s the map for our 2009 swim in Blue Mountain, which was about 550 m each way and not quite straight.

satellite map of Lake Huron shore and small island, with there-and-back swimming route marked

Eagle Lake Narrows bridge repaired

Structural improvements to the Eagle Lake Narrows bridge have been completed. The bridge is almost 100 years old.

Traveller’s road information for Ontario

Here’s a portal for road information updates: Travellers’ Road Information Portal (TRIP).