Grand gay wedding

Two men in vests ad hats are standing before a table with a sign,

Two spouses-to-be wait their turn to marry each other.


During World Pride Week, 110 same-sex couples celebrated their weddings at Casa Loma, one of Toronto’s more picturesque spots. People came from distant countries to marry. The Grand Pride wedding is the largest of its kind in North America.


Why not their life partner?

A woman in India asks, “People choose their food and their clothes; why not their life partner?” A few members of the Pink Gang stand behind her. They are lower-class women who fight tradition when it harms women’s lives. In this case, a boy has run off, leaving his pregnant fiancee behind. He must be persuaded to return and marry her or her family may kill her.

A South Asian woman in India asks, People choose their food and their clothes. Why not their life partner? Behind her are several members of the Pink Gang, women who wear pink and fight tradition

Who made that hat?

Taking a new interest in knitting, I noticed the home-made hat worn by Mick Aston on Time Team, a British archaeology show.

An elderly man with a white beard wears a knitted blue & striped hat while gesturing vigorously

Mick Aston of the Time Team in knitted hat

Sadly, Mick Aston is no longer with us.

Kitty stockings!

I saw these on Bloor Street.

black Kitty stockings

Kitty stockings

Islands of the blessed: Canada

The International Human Development Indicators website puts Canada 11th for livability. Here’s their summary:

Human Development Index: Ranking: 11
Health: Life expectancy at birth (years): 81.1
Education: Mean years of schooling (of adults) (years): 12.3
Income: GNI per capita in PPP terms: (Constant 2005 international $): 35,369
Inequality: Inequality-adjusted HDI value: 0.832
Poverty: MPI: Multidimensional poverty index (%): n.a.
Gender: GII: Gender Inequality Index, value: 0.119
Sustainability: Carbon dioxide emissions per capita (tonnes): 16.3
Demography: Population, total both sexes (thousands): 34,674.7
Composite indices: Non-income HDI value: 0.934
Innovation and technology: Telephone subscribers per 100 people: 120.3
Trade, economy and income: Income index 0.866

A sad day

We are remembering the life of Peter Kormos, who for many years was involved with politics in Ontario. He died unexpectedly of natural causes.



True love!

Love that lasts for decades is inspiring.

True love for decades

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