Seasonal minimalist wardrobes

I’ve heard about having 33 items of clothing but that doesn’t really appeal to me. For one thing, we have four different seasons when we’re in different moods about what to wear. Spring may be as cold as fall, but it seems warmer after the long winter.

So I’m trying this: seasonal minimal wardrobes. Pick out clothes for summer, fall, winter, and spring. I have four large tote boxes into which the off-season clothes go. Fall is reds and browns; winter is dark clothes, long sleeves and pants lined for warmth; summer is lightweight and light coloured; spring is cheerful colours. Some clothing, like blue jeans, carries over to all seasons.

What this does is immediately make more room in my dresser, since I’m not trying to fit in clothes for contrasting seasons. There’s not a complete separation between the clothes; nor do I count them. But there’s something sweet in putting away a season and not getting it out again for nine months. It also helps to keep me from feeling I have too many of something, because the extras are for other seasons.

My seasons are June – August, September – November, December – February, and March – May. I’ll want to keep the totes on the premises: I’m still sorting out which clothes belong to which season.


The Wurm scarf

This scarf is made according to the Wurm pattern, using alternating bands of stockinette stitch. The pattern is P,K,P,K,P, P,K,P,K,P, and so on.

It's a worm!

It’s a worm!

New slippers

A pair of knitted slippers in green, brown, and black

They look kind of crude, but I made these slippers myself. The green and brown pair is for my son. The brown and grey pair is for his girlfriend.

A pair of knitted slippers in brown, grey, and black

The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett

a book, The Wee Free Men. On the cover stands a young girl holding a big book and a frying pan. Beside her is a witch dressed in black holding a contraption of string, twigs, and stones. On the brim of her pointy hat sits a yellow toad. At their feet are several tiny blue men armed with swords. All except the witch are in an attitude of alarm and defence. The witch is watchful.My book is Terry Pratchett’s first Tiffany Aching novel.

Well, I’ve finished that one. I’ll be looking for the next novel, “A Hat Full of Sky.”

More mending in sight

The old quilt that I repaired has sprung a leak. I replaced all of the fabric squares and reinforced some of the strips in between the squares, but not all of them. Here, some of the old fabric has given way.

A blue-and-white square n a quilt has some torn cloth beside it, showing the batting



Is this a space suit?


This is our second granddaughter, four months old.

Happy baby

This is our new grandchild.