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The Charlie Hebdo (“weekly Charlie”) cover shows Mohammed holding up a sign that reads, “Je suis Charlie.”

All is forgiven: Mohammad holds up a sign reading, “Je suis Charlie.”

The dearth of women in the secular movement

A woman with long blonde hair looks at the camera, smiling faintly

Susan Jacoby

Susan Jacoby has a very interesting article, “A Woman’s Place?” She recounts some of the famous founders and forgotten original thinkers in the secular movement who were women and considers why women are so outnumbered in contemporary groups.

Ms. Jacoby is the author of several books on history.

Movie: 8: The Mormon Proposition

This sounds like a movie I have to see. I’m grabbing this partial content review from Lynna:

The following sampler from the movie “8: The Mormon Proposition” is courtesy of an ex-Mormon who viewed/reviewed the movie (sampler truncated for this post, since it was several screens long):

  • Narrator explains Mormon belief that God was once a man, become a God, had spirit children with his wives. Relates each Mormon man’s goal to become a God and have children with his wives on another planet.
  • Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka defends traditional marriage between one man and one woman and says she doesn’t believe in polygamy. Upon further questioning, she admits that polygamy will be practised in heaven, but explains that polygamy is different than homosexuality because it involves children being born.
  • Senator Buttars makes his infamous black baby comments, tells the camera that gays are the greatest threat facing our nation, and compares gays to radical Islam.
  • Former BYU student recounts being drugged, undressed, and receiving shock therapy by means of electrodes fastened to his genitals.
  • Nurse at Provo mental hospital describes institutionalization of gay BYU students and the administration of corrective treatment, including brain surgery.
  • BYU secret police crack down on list of suspected homosexuals. Several on the list take their own lives.
  • Elder McConkie says it is better to be dead than to be a homosexual.
  • Church President says in the Muslim faith, homosexuals are to be executed.
  • Fred Karber describes secret meeting with a church whistle-blower in which he is given a box of official documents, memos, and e-mails detailing the church’s mobilization efforts to defeat gay marriage in Hawaii in California.
  • Elder Maxwell letters provide detailed instructions for running anti-marriage equality coalition in Hawaii to ensure minimal public association with the church-Connections between the church, Matthew Holland and NOM are laid out

Early to bed!

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I know it’s only 7:15 p.m., but I’m going to sleep. I did a long open-water swim last night and an intense Pilates workout this morning, plus three loads of laundry and other cleaning. Besides, if I go to sleep now, we can get up at oh-dark-hundred for a walk to listen to pre-dawn birdsong.

And there’s nothing on TV except protesters and police on the streets of Toronto for the G20 meeting. Y’know, with a billion dollars we could have had a national daycare system instead. Twice over.

I’m firm, you’re stubborn…

More of the same: I’ve seen a lot of sudden turnarounds in the U.S. since the last election, from “you must support your president or it’s treason” to “OMG we gotta secede!”

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The only families that have to worry are those making over $250 000 a year.

Ontario Votes 2007

Ontario Votes 2007 is a collection of news articles about Ontario’s 2007 election campaign.

Loyalty to a bigger idea

Effect Measure tells the story of his son’s run-in with school authorities over the pledge of allegiance.