Heater made with candles and flowerpots

This heater shows no open flame and gets quite hot but won’t set things on fire. You need a well ventilated place to use it, not a tent.

If you don’t have the bolts and washers to assemble this, one flowerpot and three or four stones would be better than an open flame.

See the flowerpot heater video!


The perfect pocket pocket-knife

I suppose this is really a pen-knife, good for sharpening feather pens. But it’s also a handy little string-cutter and nail-cleaner: “The handy little knife that I will carry until I lose.”

It looks just like a little knife that my mother had.

Thoughts on home

The young people are making a new home together.

Anton Zuiker’s thoughts on home: One word to start the new year: Home.


Home cooking

Made bacon-turkey soup last night based on the generous servings of turkey, potatoes, and corn from a local restaurant in my home town, plus bacon, onion, and green veg. from around the house. It was quite acceptable.

Random thought: The first recipe was probably barbecued meat, but the second was probably stew, closely followed by soup. What do you think?

Why are women more religious?

Are women more religious? It seems so, but perhaps they have just learned to give conventional answers to conventional questions. I ruminated elsewhere…

It has been suggested in the past that women are more religious because they depend more on luck for the outcome of their lives, e.g. the real personality of whomever they marry. They are more rewarded for being conventional. They are more punished for speaking up. They are busier with household and childrearing responsibilities. They make less money and cannot buy free time in the form of services such as laundry, take-out food, or housekeeping. They’ve learned to keep their heads down and not volunteer opinions that might be shot down.

For many women, especially in small communities, the church is their social life and their only source of authority or autonomy outside the home. And they are appreciated, at least by the other women in the group. Churches would dry up and blow away without the Women’s Auxiliary.

I think that’s enough to explain the gap. If you want to find the women, look at volunteer positions, clinic defences, etc.

On reading

This random bookish quotation was brought to you by http://www.bookcrossing.com.

The perils of ambulatory reading. If you have never said Excuse me to a parking meter or bashed your shins on a fireplug, you are probably wasting too much valuable reading time. –Sherri Chasin Calvo

Random thought: time

Time, young padawan, isn’t something you have. It’s something you steal.

This is probably based on some famous movie dialogue from a Famous Movie that I’ve never seen.