Remember the Concorde?

It has been eight or nine years since its last commercial flight, after regular use discovered dangerous vulnerabilities. Still, the ability to fly supersonically across the Atlantic was special.

The Concorde jet over Clifton, U.K.

Biking on a stand

The usual way of training for cycling in winter is to get a stationary bicycle. It seems neater, somehow, to use the same bicycle for both outdoor and indoor biking. You can buy a stand that holds a bike’s rear axle and applies a variable amount of pressure. It’s a little harder on the seat of the pants, because the bike doesn’t sway and change pressure points. However, we got a second one and so far I’ve had two short sessions side-by-side with my SO: about 40 minutes yesterday and about 20 minutes tonight. It’s not bad so far–I have the pressure on the tire very light. It might make the spring jump onto the bike a little more successful.

“Tuna is kewl”

Hat tip to Greta Christina in Friday Cat Blogging and “Tuna is kewl” for pointing out Wondermark’s cartoon.


Monday evening

Open-water swimming was cancelled because of water pollution. We went out to dinner instead. And from dinner, we ordered a few books. Modern technology is great!

Wet phone

I managed to spill water on my cell phone just before dashing off to the STC exec meeting Tuesday night. Now I’m without a working phone again. (The on/off button works but nothing else.) And it has been only a few weeks since I replaced the previous phone after losing it on the Danforth. I’m going up to ABC Cellular to see if they can get the flash card out and replace the phone for me.

Razr2 phone

Computer problems

Humorous Pictures
More LOLcats

Something happened to my laptop computer and now all I get is the Blue Screen of Death. None of the starting modes work. I have to dig up some original disks and do something about it so I can get access to recent files and photos.

I’m home!

logo, Society for Technical Communication, STCI’m home from my twin courses, two days of “XML and Structured Authoring” and one day of “Moving from Unstructured to Structured FrameMaker” in Cambridge, Ontario.

That’s a long time to pay attention, and I think my brain is full.