Well, it got cold

We’ve had a few days of quite cold weather: in fact we got a cold weather warning and Ottawa had frost quakes, subterranean rumblings caused when water under the ground freezes suddenly and expands.


Happy New Year: with global warming

We had a September like summer, November like the Septembers used to be, December like the Octobers we used to have, a green Christmas, and now pouring rain on January 4th.

a weather map shows Canada with the jet stream dipping into the U.S.


Christmas chairs

We have a red one and a green one here, so they must be Christmas chairs.


The power of ice storms


Among other things, December’s ice storm split this tree down the middle four ways.

February pines

Here’s the snow falling on the pine trees outside our windows.


It’s going to be cold tonight!

The cold arctic air has settled down over us again: Saturdays highs and lows.


After the ice storm: University of Toronto

After the recent ice storm, King’s College Circle was a sea of ice.

A sheet of ice covers the grass; leaves are frozen into it from a nearby oak tree. In the distance are large buildings