Why not their life partner?

A woman in India asks, “People choose their food and their clothes; why not their life partner?” A few members of the Pink Gang stand behind her. They are lower-class women who fight tradition when it harms women’s lives. In this case, a boy has run off, leaving his pregnant fiancee behind. He must be persuaded to return and marry her or her family may kill her.

A South Asian woman in India asks, People choose their food and their clothes. Why not their life partner? Behind her are several members of the Pink Gang, women who wear pink and fight tradition

“What my mother taught me about feminism and fear”

Haley B. Elkins writes about her mother, who conducted a one-woman underground railroad to help abused women. We should all be as brave and compassionate as Haley’s mother.

…the fact that my mother was not “of” the community was what made her safe, safe for women who barely even knew her.

The dearth of women in the secular movement

A woman with long blonde hair looks at the camera, smiling faintly

Susan Jacoby

Susan Jacoby has a very interesting article, “A Woman’s Place?” She recounts some of the famous founders and forgotten original thinkers in the secular movement who were women and considers why women are so outnumbered in contemporary groups.

Ms. Jacoby is the author of several books on history.