The setup at the Brampton office:


The IT department had a computer up and running for me on the first day.


My contract has been extended

my office space at TorStar

My initial contract was for six weeks, ending August 8. It’s now been doubled to September 19. Our team is creating a wiki and writing training materials for a technical support group with many varied applications to support.

Work work work

I’m in the last week of my contract. March 31 is the end of their fiscal year, so projects and contracts tend to wind up then, to be continued later, perhaps.

I should be looking for another contract but so far I’m quite busy with this one.

My office space, October 2006

This is my desk at ExtendMedia. They have a beautiful, open-concept office in an historic building with high ceilings and post-and-beam construction. The office is relatively dim, with task-area lighting for everyone. I have a flat-screen monitor and an upright wire file for keeping my work organized.

View out my office window

This is the view as of 2 June 2006. When I started this contract, it was a nice green square with a couple of rows of pine trees. Within a week, the trees were being bulldozed and the whole thing was a construction site. I tell you, the construction fairy is following me around!


This is “the office” for this month – an impressive building at Progress & Brimley in the former borough of Scarborough.

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Sudden contract

Suddenly I’m working on a short and fairly intense contract to produce timely documentation for a fast-paced contract, so you won’t hear much from me. I even skipped the monthly meeting of my professional society. Luckily, I can sign in from my home office and work remotely.

Status: busy

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