FIFA Word Cup is on

It’s the football championship of the world.

DRS World Conference 2010 cancelled!

Dead Runners Society World Conference 2010 logo with 'cancelled' stamped over it

It must be the state of the economy or something. Or perhaps no one wants to come to Florida. The Dead Runners Society World Conference for 2010 will not be held.

a scene in Gainesville, Florida, possibly the university campus

Tony Lyons’ marathon swim

Tony Lyons swims for the orphans. He’s making a charity swim of 42.2 km today!


“Tony Lyons will be doing a marathon Swim (42.2 km or 26.2 miles) 1688 lengths of a 25 meter pool at Canada Games Pool, 65 East Sixth Avenue, New Westminster, B.C. ( on March 27th 2009. To raise funds for the CKNW Orphan’s fund (”

LotStreetWiz is live-blogging it at marathonswimlive.

Swim practice, March 16

Coach Kelvin watches the swimmers

Coach Kelvin watches the swimmers

swimming_frontcrawlSwim workout in 25-metre pool with Lizbot and LotStreetWiz, overseen by Coach Kelvin, about 65 minutes.

  • 25m freestyle, easy
  • vertical kicking, no hands, 30s x 5
  • 25m breast stroke
  • 50m freestyle, easy
  • 450m freestyle pyramid with 40s rests: 50, 100, 150, 100, 50m
  • 50m freestyle
  • 200m (50m flutter kicking + 50m breaststroke) x 2

Total: 800 metres or 880 yards.

Parcour or not parcour?

The new sport of parcour, which is basically to make the city your playground and jungle gym, looks very cool, but I’m sure it needs a lot of practice, as QT found out.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2008

The results and pictures of yesterday’s marathon and half-marathon are up.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2008

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2008

Longboat Road Runners race: Toronto Island 2008

The start!, originally uploaded by Longboat Daily Express Editor.

Every year, the Longboat Road Runners running club puts on a foot race on Toronto Island. It’s a fast, very flat course. But first, you have to take a ferry to the island. This year’s race was held last weekend on September 21. The pictures are up on Flickr.