Cat looking out the window

Cat in a window

Contemplating the outdoors

One of our cats is looking out the window, watching the world go by.

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Cat wants a fish!

Fog hasn’t figured out how to get into the aquarium, but he’s trying.

A grey cat stretches out a paw towards a red Siamese fighting fish

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Cat wants a fish

I have two grey cats. The more impulsive one wants to know what these “fish” things are. That’s why I have covers on their tanks!

A red fish and a blue fish in separate jars are watched by a grey cat


Snoozing cat

Here’s one of our grey cats, the big one, snoozing.

A big grey cat lies on red sheets and leans against a pillow with his eyes closed and forepaws extended

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Cat confessions

Encouraged by a spate of confessing pets on the Web, I made a ‘confession’ for my cat.

A cat looms over a paper sign: I want to nurse... and knead!

After his serious illness last year, he often reverts to kitten state for reassurance.

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The cat in the high castle

My cat has recovered his sense of balance after his illness, enough that he jumps up to the top of the wall unit from a nearby low wall.

A cat perches on top of a bookshelf. He sits next to a decorative basket.

Two cats

Our grey cats were sleeping together on the bed.