Fall colours


It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

Where’s my tree?

In aid of some repairs to the drains, the property management had to cut down three honey locust trees.  Let’s hope that they are replaced promptly with sizeable young trees.


The power of ice storms


Among other things, December’s ice storm split this tree down the middle four ways.

February pines

Here’s the snow falling on the pine trees outside our windows.


After the ice storm

We didn’t get 2.5 cm of ice but in some places probably 1 cm. Of course, it was pretty.
twigs and branches of a tree coated in ice

Our local pine trees didn’t break, but the ice weighed down their branches.

pine trees with branches frosted by ice and bending down

Fall colours: Japanese Maple

A tree with red leaves in a garden

Japanese maple in garden

My walk in the neighbourhood found this beautiful red maple. It contrasted with carefully placed limestone rocks.

A tree with brilliant red leaves

Japanese maple leaves


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Lombardy poplars

The one bright and beautiful thing I could see from my bedroom window was a row of poplars peeking up over a roof. When I returned to visit in later years, they were dying of old age.
I was sorry to see them go because I had spent so many hours watching their leaves flash and gleam in the sunlight.
I think of poplars as the slender Lombardy polar. Here’s a row of them receding into the distance.

The author of Tree Notes thinks of the poplar as the sturdy cottonwood. Follow the link for more musings on trees.