Christmas chairs

We have a red one and a green one here, so they must be Christmas chairs.


Is this a space suit?


This is our second granddaughter, four months old.

Happy baby

This is our new grandchild.


Swim, bike run.


This is our first granddaughter competing in a triathlon.

Baby shower

I went to a baby shower for Lily, a new cousinlet. I must say that the guests did her proud, equipping her for the next few years at least.

A young baby in a green dress is held by a grandmotherly woman

There was even cake.
A flat, rectangular cake, iced and with the inscription, "Welcome Lily"

How to wear a baby sling:

A young woman wears a striped baby sling with a young toddler sitting in it

New granddaughter

We had a chance to see our new granddaughter.

An older man in a green shirt holds a dark-haired babyShe’s two days old.

a dark-haired woman in a red shirt holds a dark-haired  baby

Grand gay wedding

Two men in vests ad hats are standing before a table with a sign,

Two spouses-to-be wait their turn to marry each other.


During World Pride Week, 110 same-sex couples celebrated their weddings at Casa Loma, one of Toronto’s more picturesque spots. People came from distant countries to marry. The Grand Pride wedding is the largest of its kind in North America.